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Prior requirements

Certain requirements must be met before shares can be listed for trading.

The main requirements are:

  • A suitable spread of shares, i.e. at least 25% of the company´s shares must be distributed among investors.


  • A prospectus must be submitted to and registered with the CNMV for all issues of marketable securities sold through public offerings where the country of origin is Spain. A public offering is defined as any communication made in any format and through any channel that provides suitable information on the terms and conditions of the offering and securities being offered to alow an investor to decide whether to purchase or subscribe to these securities.


  • A commitment to publishing relevant facts and periodic financial information. Details of all periodic and one-off information companies are required to submit can be found at the CNMV website.


  • Presentation of the stock market admission document. The next segment shows the requirements to list shares on the Spanish stock market. BME has a companies service lead by a group of prefessionals who provide free advice on this procedure.




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