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BME is a stock market operator and the heir of centuries of cultural and financial heritage, in which millions of Spanish and foreign investors place their trust. It is currently one of the four major European stock exchange and market operators.

BME Equity is the company's flagship area.

This dynamic and modern business includes the Spanish stock exchanges and other Spanish financial systems and markets. The company's strengths lie in its foresight, innovation and responsibility, consolidating its solvency and giving it a strong international footing, particularly in Latin America.

The Spanish equity market operates based on the SIBE electronic trading platform, developed entirely by BME, which guarantees full interconnection of the four Spanish stock exchanges.

As well as stocks and shares, SIBE trades products such as ETFs, warrants, certificates and many other instruments.

In equity, the IBEX 35® plays a key role as Spain's benchmark index, comprised of the major Spanish stocks and representing an essential barometer for the country's economy.

The Latibex is another key area of BME's Equity operations, representing the only international market exclusively for trading Latin American stocks in euros. It was founded in 1999 and now hosts 34 shares, placing it among the three leading Latin American markets by capitalisation.

The Alternative Equity Market (MAB) is BME Equity's most recent initiative. This market is specifically for small capitalisation companies looking to finance growth, with costs and procedures designed to suit their needs. In the first year since its launch, 23 companies already use the MAB to raise funding and support their growth and internationalisation, driven by greater recognition and prestige, as well as stronger shareholder diversification.

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