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The Spanish stock Exchange is a transparent and secure market, which operates under strict regulations and market supervision. However, the large number of trades and their growing complexity can lead to errors and the subsequent complaints and claims. In order to meet this demand the Ombudsman was created, whose function is to ensure the correct processing of orders.

Investors can rely on this service in relation to any conduct they consider inappropriate by the firms that operate in the stock market

 -Bolsa de Madrid Ombudsman:

  Tel: (34) 91 589 11 84 - Email:

- Bolsa de Barcelona Ombudsman:

 Tel: (34) 93 401 38 95 - Email:

- Bolsa de Bilbao Ombudsman: 

  Tel: (34) 94 403 44 00 - Email:

-Bolsa de Valencia Ombudsman:

 Tel: (34) 96 387 01 56 - Email:



-Infobolsa NetStation: Real time internet financial information terminals for all types of users.

-Infobolsa Profile: Regular financial information for back office and analysis applications.

-Club Infobolsa: Subscription services on the Infobolsa portal for private investors.

-Infobolsa Wireless: Financial information through mobile WAP systems and handheld PDAs.

-Infobolsa SMS: Allows you to get the most relevant information of an instrument (real time buy/sell prices, volume ...) by sending an SMS from a mobile phone.

-Personalised stock market information models for websites and blogs

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The Library of Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME) is a valuable asset for investors and researchers. Its resources, carefully selected for decades, make up an assorted bibliography specializing in economic, financial and stock exchange matters.

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