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Choosing your product


   Starting from this analysis, and preferably with the assistance of a professional, the investor must next decide which products will make up his portfolio and in which proportion, so his investment fits his particular profile.

 Fortunately, the Spanish market provides a wide choice of products and securities, which ensures investors the right combination to suit their expectations.

 Among the most popular investment products on the market are: shares, mutual fund unit-holdings, bonds, bills and other fixed-income assets.

   One of the guiding principles for choosing your portfolio products and securities is diversification, that is, not concentrating your investment in just one or a few securities.

   Another concern is the liquidity of the investment, since not all products or securities can be readily disposed of when the investor wishes. The liquidity of a security depends on its trading frequency and volume; the more days a security is traded and the greater its trading and cash volume, the more liquid it will be.

  The last point on the investor’s basic checklist should be the tax treatment of the investment. Generally speaking, equity investment has an advantaged tax treatment provided its time horizon is sufficiently long.



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