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How to create a ETF Portfolio

This option is a simple tool to calculate and update the portfolios a user has introduced into the system. You will be able to manage as many portfolios as you wish. Each portfolio has no limit in the number of stocks to contain.

This system is based on cookies. The information entered is stored in the user's machine. Because of this, users must use the same machine and browser combination to access the portfolio managed.

Benefits of this system:

  • To access to your portfolio without re-entering your data.

  • Doesn't requiere login

Users must have cookies enabled. If the cookie is deleted, the portfolio data must be re-entered.

To manage your portfolios

  • Select the option "New Portfolio "

  • Insert a name to identify the portfolio.

  • Click on  .

  • "Your portfolio" will appear on the screen with the given name.

  • Fill in the following fields:

    1. Stock . Click on the icon .
      There will appear a window containing the different stocks that can be selected.
      Select a stock.

    2. Date (dd/mm/yy). Insert the Purchase Date. This data is merely for your own use.

    3. Number of Shares. Insert the number of shares.

    4. Purchase Price. Insert the price in euros.

  • Click on . The following data will be presented automatically:

    Latest Price Latest price of the stock in the market. This Price is delayed 15 minutes.
    Current Stock Value Number of shares x Latest Price
    Price Change (Latest Price - Purchase Price) x Number of shares.
    % Performance (Latest Price - Purchase Price) / Purchase Price. Expressed in %.
    Date/Time Date and time of the Latest Price.
    Total portfolio value Total sum the Current Stock Value and Price Change of different stocks from the portfolio. % Performance is the average rate of return.


  • Litter bin .

    • Click on the icon beside a stock to delete that stock.
    • If you click on the icon at the head of the frame, the whole portfolio and all its stocks will be deleted.
  • Magnifying glass 

    • Click to open a window with the stocks from Ibex-35, Bolsa de Madrid General Index (IGBM), New Market, Continuous Market and Latibex.
  • Refresh 

    • Refreshes the latest prices from the market.



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