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How to make a complaint?

Complaints must be made in writing and signed by the person affected. There are no verbal complaints, although verbal consultations can be made. The basic facts should be set out and the persons or entities affected. A letter is sufficient together with the relevant documents. If more details are required, they will be requested. The Office acknowledges in writing the receipt of complaints and gives them a number which identifies the case.

The Ombudsman will verify that the issue is his responsibility and if so will inform the claimant that the case has been accepted and begin the procedures for its resolution. If the Ombudsman deems that it is not his responsibility he will tell the claimant and point out the other channels that can be followed.

Once admitted, the procedure begins in accordance to a large extent with the following phases:

  • More documents and data from the claimant if the Ombudsman requires them to clear up points not sufficiently explained.
  • Transfer of the documents sent to the entity or entities affected, so that they can provide their side of the story.
  • Inform the claimant of the replies from the entity, and whether there are elements convenient for the course of the procedure. The second phase can involve new allegations by the parties concerned .
  • The Ombudsman can seek assistance from departments of the Bolsa de Madrid and the Stock Exchange Company. The Final Report brings the procedure to an end, if no agreement has been reached before then. The procedure is confidential and free.

If you want to make a complaint you can:

  • Write to the Ombudsman: Protector del Inversor, Bolsa de Madrid, Plaza de la Lealtad 1, 28014 Madrid.
  • Personally visit the Ombudsman Office: Bolsa de Madrid, Plaza de la Lealtad 1, Madrid .(Timetable: from 9h. to  15h. monday to friday)
  • Telephone: 91 589 1184/1659 (Timetable: from 9h. to  15h. monday to friday)
  • Send a fax to advance any information: FAX: 91.589.1252



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