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General Information

The Bolsa de Madrid is a transparent and safe market, with strict operating rules and control of operations. The large number of transactions and their increasing complexity, however, can cause errors and produce complaints and claims. In order to respond to this, the Bolsa de Madrid created an Ombudsman to try to ensure that investors' orders are correctly executed.

To this end, Ms. Gloria Martínez-Picazo, as the Investor Ombudsman of the Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia Stock Exchanges, is responsible for ensuring the proper conduct of transactions carried out on the Stock Exchange, reviewing and dealing with claims and complaints submitted by any persons or entities in relation to these operations and the actions directly related to them.

The Investor Ombudsman's Department can be contacted through the four BME Group stock exchanges using the different channels provided:

  • Bolsa de Madrid Ombudsman:

Phone: 91 589 11 84 - Mail:


  • Bolsa de Barcelona Ombudsman:

Phone: 93 401 37 15 -


  • Bolsa de Bilbao Ombudsman:

Phone: 94 403 44 00 -


  • Bolsa de Valencia Ombudsman:

Phone: 96 387 01 56 - Mail:



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