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IGBM Management Committe

A Management Committee has been created to supervise and administer the indices with greater frequency, transparency and speed. Revisions will be made at least every six months.

The Management Committee responsible for the IGBM Indices consists of five members, and their functions are:

1º.- Ensure that the Indices are calculated in accordance with prevailing technical rules.

2º.- Hold half-yearly meetings to decide on the composition of the IGBM for the following six months.

3º.- Hold extraordinary meetings, whenever necessary.

4º.- Draw up a report, which must be approved by the Board of the Governing Body, if it is necessary to change the technical rules for calculating the IGBM indices.

The General Co-ordinator of the Management Committee is responsible for calling ordinary (every six months) or extraordinary meetings, in the week prior to the last one of the six months in the first case, and the date set in the event of an extraordinary meeting.

The Committee's decisions, at both ordinary and extraordinary meetings, are published no later than 48 hours after the meeting and come into effect on the first half of the natural six-month period, in the case of ordinary meetings, and on the date agreed, in the event of extraordinary meetings.

The Committee's five members are appointed by the Board of the Governing Body of the Bolsa de Madrid:

  • A General Co-ordinator.

  • A representative of the Market Area.

  • A representative of the Investor Protector Department.

  • A representative of the Research Department.

  • A technician from the Information Technology Area.

The task of the technician is to unify the technical supervision of the indices and thus ensure the correct working of the processes (both those that affect the calculation of Indices and the dissemination of this information: Infobolsa, Sib, etc .- as well as that obtained via the Bolsa de Madrid website). This person must co-ordinate everything to do with this group of indices with the various teams involved in the IT area.

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