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Ex-datePayment DateCompanyShareISIN ShareYearTypeGross Amount
12/02/201814/02/2018VIDRALA S.A.VIDRALAES0183746314Interim 2017(*)0.6967
30/01/201801/02/2018EUSKALTEL, S.A.EUSKALTELES0105075008Interim 2017(*)0.1270
30/01/201801/02/2018BANCO SANTANDER, S.A.BANCO SANTANDERES0113900J37Interim 2017(*)0.0600
29/01/201831/01/2018AMADEUS IT GROUP, S.A.AMADEUS IT GROUPES0109067019Interim 2017(*)0.4800
23/01/201825/01/2018SECUOYA GRUPO DE COMUNICACION, S.A.SECUOYA GRUPO DE COMUNICACIONES0131703003Interim 2017Ord.0.3260
22/01/201809/02/2018SACYR, S.A.SACYRES0182870214Interim 2017Div. Op.0.0520
16/01/201818/01/2018PROSEGUR , CIA. DE SEGURIDAD, S.A.PROSEGUR COMPAÑIA DE SEGURIDADES0175438003Interim 2017(*)0.0291
16/01/201818/01/2018TECNICAS REUNIDAS, S.A.TECNICAS REUNIDASES0178165017Interim 2017(*)0.6670
15/01/201817/01/2018ELECNOR S. A.ELECNORES0129743318Interim 2017(*)0.0544
12/01/201816/01/2018PRIM, S.A.PRIMES0170884417Interim 2017(*)0.1100
11/01/201829/01/2018IBERDROLA, S.A.IBERDROLAES0144580Y14Interim 2017(*)0.1400
11/01/201815/01/2018INMOBILIARIA DEL SUR, S.A.INMOBILIARIA DEL SURES0154653911Interim 2017(*)0.0500
10/01/2018 OROBAL GESTION,SICAV,S.A.OROBAL GESTIONES0167715038Interim 2017(*)0.1100
09/01/201811/01/2018CEMENTOS MOLINS, S.A.CEMENTOS MOLINSES0117360117Interim 2017(*)0.1200
08/01/201810/01/2018ZARDOYA OTIS, S.A.ZARDOYA OTISES0184933812Interim 2017(*)0.0800
04/01/201808/01/2018FIDERE PATRIMONIO, SOCIMI, S.A.U.FIDERE PATRIMONIOES0105071007RESERVAS 2017(*)0.0700
03/01/201801/02/2018BANCO BRADESCO S.A.BANCO BRADESCO PREF.BRBBDCACNPR8Interim 2017(*)0.1897 Reales brasileños
03/01/201805/01/2018CIE AUTOMOTIVE, S.A.CIE AUTOMOTIVEES0105630315Interim 2017(*)0.2800
03/01/201805/01/2018RED ELECTRICA CORPORACION, S.A.RED ELECTRICA CORPORACIONES0173093024Interim 2017(*)0.2549
02/01/201805/01/2018TARJAR XAIRO SOCIMI, S.A.TARJAR XAIROES0105226007Interim 2017(*)1.4419
02/01/201804/01/2018BEGOINVEST DE INVERSIONES,SICAV,S.A.BEGOINVEST DE INVERSIONESES0114427034Interim 2017(*)0.3250
28/12/201702/01/2018ENDESA, SOCIEDAD ANONIMAENDESAES0130670112Interim 2017(*)0.7000
27/12/201729/12/2017BANKINTER,S.A.BANKINTERES0113679I37Interim 2017(*)0.0617
27/12/201729/12/2017BANCO DE SABADELL, S.A.BANCO DE SABADELLES0113860A34Interim 2017(*)0.0200
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