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Nominal Decreases
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Ex-datePayment DateCompanyTypeClassGross Amount
03/12/201905/12/2019GO MADRID BENZ SOCIMI, S.A.Issue PremiumIn cash1.45864489
02/12/201904/12/2019GO MADRID BENZ SOCIMI, S.A.Issue PremiumIn cash5.34546031
29/11/201903/12/2019CASTELLANA PROPERTIES SOCIMI, S.A.Issue Premium(*)0.00244315
20/11/201922/11/2019CELLNEX TELECOM, S.A.Issue Premium(*)0.03842000
30/10/201901/11/2019TRAJANO IBERIA SOCIMI, S.A.Issue Premium(*)1.65000000
01/10/201915/10/2019GRUPO ORTIZ PROPERTIES SOCIMI, S.A.Issue Premium(*)0.21389510
24/09/201926/09/2019TRIVIUM REAL ESTATE SOCIMI, S.A.Issue Premium(*)0.77165420
10/09/201913/09/2019VBARE IBERIAM PROPERTIES SOCIMI, S.A.Issue Premium(*)0.16000000
26/07/201930/07/2019CORPFIN CAPITAL PRIME RETAIL II SOCIMINominal Reduction(*)0.33000000
26/07/201930/07/2019CORPFIN CAPITAL PRIME RETAIL III SOCIMINominal Reduction(*)0.29000000
19/07/201923/07/2019CARTERA INDUSTRIAL REA, S.A.Issue Premium(*)0.19634000
19/07/201923/07/2019CARTERA INDUSTRIAL REA, S.A.Nominal Reduction(*)0.58000000
08/07/201910/07/2019CELLNEX TELECOM, S.A.Issue Premium(*)0.03956000
04/07/201908/07/2019INTERNATIONAL CONSOLIDAT. AIRLINES GROUPIssue Premium(*)0.35000000
03/07/201905/07/2019ACERINOX, S.A.Issue Premium(*)0.20000000
01/07/201915/07/2019GRUPO ORTIZ PROPERTIES SOCIMI, S.A.Issue Premium(*)0.21389513
30/05/201903/06/2019ELAIA INVESTMENT SPAIN SOCIMI, S.A.Issue Premium(*)0.84994302
29/05/201931/05/2019CASTELLANA PROPERTIES SOCIMI, S.A.Issue Premium(*)0.09953830
24/05/201928/05/2019TRAJANO IBERIA SOCIMI, S.A.Issue Premium(*)0.13000000
16/05/201920/05/2019METROVACESA, S.A.Issue Premium(*)0.33000000
03/05/201907/05/2019ATOM HOTELES SOCIMI, S.A.Issue Premium(*)0.19953224
02/05/201906/05/2019OLIMPO REAL ESTATE SOCIMI, S.A.Repayment of Capital Contrib.(*)0.01895139
29/04/201907/05/2019MERLIN PROPERTIES, SOCIMI, S.A.Issue Premium(*)0.09729961
24/04/201924/05/2019LAR ESPAÑA REAL ESTATE, SOCIMI, S.A.Issue Premium(*)0.07000000
03/04/201905/04/2019SILVERCODE INVESTMENTS SOCIMI, S.A.UNominal Reduction(*)0.05532800
Source: Issuing company.

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