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AddressCL CANTON PEQUE/O 1, 15003 LA CORU/A 
Listed Capital90,040,735.62 EurosExcluded12/03/2012

ISINES0113770434 TickerPAS Nominal0.33 MarketContinuous Market Admitted Capital90,040,735.62 Euros  Excluded12/03/2012 

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Dividend25/10/201125/10/2011Interim 2011

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29/06/20064 x 1

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28/04/2011 - 12/05/20111 x 45Bonus

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The origins of Banco Pastor can be traced back to 1776. Today it is the seventh largest banking group in Spain measured by assets (more than 20.000 million euros). Banco Pastor is currently immerse in a strategic plan (2006-2008) whose aim is, among other things, to double net profit by the end of 2008 reaching 240 million euros, doubling also the dividend payments.

Banco Pastor is a financial institution that drives in the relationship with its clients, making them the centre of every strategy and activity. Pastor has almost 600 branches all over Spain and eight more in Europe, Latin America and the USA, all of them dedicated to service the clients promptly and efficiently. Through this network and the subsidiary companies that integrate the group (insurance companies, fund management companies, etc) Pastor offers all kind of retail and corporate financial services.

From 2002 to 2005 Pastor Group successfully implemented a strategic plan which doubled the balance sheet through organic, profitable, secured and diversified growth. In these 3 years, the Bank has seen an outstanding transformation in terms of geographical exposure, size, efficiency and profitability, leading to a ratings upgrade. Prompting a strong and close relationship with its clients, Pastor has grown to currently become one of the most successful medium size national banks.

Its main shareholder is Fundacin Pedro Barrié de la Maza, a foundation created by the family that started Banco Pastor, which holds 40,7% of Pastor shares. The Fundación Pedro Barrié de la Maza is a private foundation devoted to promoting the development of Galicia from a global perspective. With headquarters in Spain, all its projects and programs have Galician roots and international outreach. The Fundación is active in the areas of education, research, culture and social work.

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