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ISINBolsa CodeSecuritySharesNominalTurnoverObservations
24/02/2017ES011739041110752CEMENTOS PORTLAND VALDERRIVAS51,786,60877,679,912.00309,166,049.76 
22/05/2017ES0147582B1221732TECNOCOM,TELECOM. Y ENERGIA75,025,24137,512,620.50356,369,894.75 
09/06/2017ES011379022610250BANCO POPULAR ESPAÑOL4,196,858,0922,098,429,046.001,330,404,015.16 
21/07/2017ES010632501424005BORGES AGRICULTURAL & INDUSTRIAL3,305,7809,950,397.8055,041,237.00SEGUNDO MERCADO
25/09/2017ES018148011420946UNION EUROPEA DE INVERSIONES25,145,64525,145,645.00754,369.35 

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