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Session Prices of ETFs Market
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NameLast% Dif.HighLowVolumeTurnover (€)DateHourI.N.A.V. 10/12/2019Last N.A.V.
ACCION IBEX 35 ETF,FI COTIZ,ARM.9.3770-0.519.40309.327028,760268,741.8210/12/2019Close>>>9.443544
LYXOR IBEX 35 (DR) UCITS ETF ACC92.2100-0.2592.330091.3700252,67523,205,786.1610/12/2019Close>>>92.704400
LYXOR IBEX 35 DOB INV.DIAR UCITS ETF ACC3.39300.563.44753.3840405,3271,385,526.2310/12/2019Close>>>3.353000
LYXOR IBEX 35 DOB.APAL.DIA UCITS ETF ACC18.4400-0.5818.470018.120092,1151,687,368.3410/12/2019Close>>>18.662900
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Prices and turnover expressed in euros.
Volume and turnover includes all transactions until the closing of trading session. The total volume and turnover, including special operations carried out after the closing of trading session, is available in the historic information.
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