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General Information

The Bolsa de Madrid is a transparent and safe market, with strict operating rules and control of operations. The large number of transactions and their increasing complexity, however, can cause errors and produce complaints and claims. In order to respond to this, the Bolsa de Madrid created an Ombudsman to try to ensure that investors' orders are correctly executed. Mr. Carlos Fenández is the Ombudsman entrusted with overseeing that transactions are correctly carried out. You can contact him regarding any conduct by entities involved in trading that you consider is incorrect.

Bolsa de Madrid Protector del Inversor
Plaza de la Lealtad 1, 28014 Madrid
Tel: (34) 91.589.1184/1659; Fax: (34) 91.589.1252



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The Market Status informs through quick and easy-to-read notices on incidents affecting the Equity markets as well as Indices and financial systems operated by BME.

If an issue occurs, the message "TRADING" will change to "MARKET ISSUE" to reflect that a market event has occurred. By clicking on the Issue of the published alert it will be possible to access the information and intraday updates associated with this incident, which will be published immediately.

Note: BME will use its discretion to assign the severity of an incident